the visual creation of an idea
one character, one purpose

We take it easy.
but if it was that easy,
anybody could do it

Hassan MehdiAsl

Sourena Games

We did a lot of projects together, and execution of the projects in every aspect of them, was one of the positive highlights.

Daniel Norozi


We were on the same page and had a mutual understanding of the project. Their sense of responsibility is remarkable and admirable.

Ali Haji


When I started the Dreams digital project with NetMet, I had no idea about the process behind our brand new logo, but I got surprised when I got the presentation and first drafts of it.

Hosein Biqam


Ideation and execution of the projects was fast, but with the highest quality possible, which made us continue this trustful partnership.

Loghman Avand


I have had a lot of designs/logos for a lot of projects before, but I can safely say that working with Ali Hedeshy has been my best experience. Professional, with a good taste.

Modi Godarzi


Precise, creative and high quality; just like the other projects I've experienced with NetMet.

Pouya Khoshbakht


We started a complicated project, which you tackled beautifully.